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Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle started Hoax Couture in 1985 without formal fashion training

Chris was trained as a lawyer and Jim as an architect.

Hoax Couture for the White Cashmere Collection - Vote and Support the Canadian Breast Cancer Founda

Posted by: JimSearle onMon, Oct 24 2011, 18:27PM

Hoax Couture recently participated in the White Cashmere Collection - designing a gorgeous and fun gown for Cashmere Bathroom Tissue. 

Hoax Couture Hoax Couture for White Cashmere Collection

This fabulous dress was created entirely from Bathroom Tissue!

The generous folks at Cashmere will donate $1.00 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for every vote that they get on their website for the dress of your choice:

Cashmere Vote Couture for the Cure

The winning designers will also get up to $10,000 donated on their behalf to The Candian Breast Cancer Foundation, so go and vote and help us to win!

Le Jardin de Hoax

Posted by: JimSearle onThu, Jun 23 2011, 15:26PM

As some of you know - our rooftop garden really rocks in the summer!

here are the photos from this week:

Le Jardin De Hoax

Le Jardin De Hoax

Le Jardin De Hoax


Just when you think people in Toronto dont dress up…

Posted by: JimSearle onThu, Apr 21 2011, 12:50PM

you run into this girl in the subway at Spadina Station:


Hoax Couture profiled on “Get Involved”

Posted by: JimSearle onFri, Apr 1 2011, 20:15PM

Hoax Couture was recently profiled on “Get Involved” a show that runs regularly on TVO.

The show showcases the development of the Dare to Wear Love event that we founded to help raise funds and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation supports graass roots projects in 15 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, providing assistance to those living with the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  THey have a focus on helping those orphaned by the disease, and the grandmothers who are often left behind to care for them.

School-Age Designers Take Fashion Seriously - NYTimes.com

Posted by: JimSearle onWed, Mar 16 2011, 17:07PM

Get your young ones busy instead of playing Nintendo this March break.

Go To: School-Age Designers Take Fashion Seriously (New York Times) Kiddie couturiers” are perhaps the ultimate, inevitable result of a fashion culture that is obsessed with youth (Prada, Valentino and Rodarte are now dressing young stars like Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning in runway fashions) and a youth culture that is obsessed with fashion (see: Polyvore, Second Life, “Project Runway”). But the fact that fashion has become a field that is so easy for a tween to crack says a lot about how much the perception of a designer has changed. The allure of fashion is no longer the craft, but the flash.

More reasons why we do fashion the way that we do

Posted by: JimSearle onSat, Mar 12 2011, 13:00PM

This article from the Washington Post illustrates a lot of what makes fashion no fun and makes us know we are on the right path with our version of “slow fashion” :  One garment at a time for one client at a time.

Go To Article - Washington Post: Fashion designer crackups raise question: Is industry’s pace too relentless?

Galliano in Happier Times
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“Sometimes beautiful clothes are just simply beautiful clothes and not necessarily ‘news.’ - Tom Ford

Opening Tonight - Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie | AllOneWord

Posted by: JimSearle onThu, Feb 10 2011, 14:37PM

Harbourfront Centre - What’s on Today - Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie | AllOneWord

Opening Night is Sold Out!
Coming up this weekend at the Enwave Theatrte at Harbourfront - AllOneWord - choreography by James Kudelka.


In AllOneWord, each of the six works will have a different musical arrangement of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber’s Guardian Angel Sonata for unaccompanied violin, directed and conceived by renowned composer and media artist John Oswald.

Hoax Couture collaborated on the costumes.


Posted by: JimSearle onWed, Jan 26 2011, 19:46PM

Coming soon not to be missed!


Six works, including three world premieres, from the SEE Series, each featuring a different number of dancers and each set to a different arrangement of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber’s Guardian Angel Sonata for unaccompanied violin, arranged by celebrated composer/media artist John Oswald.



DANCERS: Rhonda Baker, Ran Boorne, Valerie Calam, Bill Coleman, Luke Garwood, James Kudelka, James Leja, Laurence Lemieux, Graham McKelvie, Christianne Ullmark, Xiao Nan Yu.

Costumes: Hoax Couture

To see the invite go to : AllOneWord:


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